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Puppet Women


درس تحويل صوره عاديه الي لعبه في 6 خطوات

أسم المصمم

Download the PSD file for this tutorial

Final image :

Let's start.

Step1: in Ps ver 9 the first step is to use your Smudge brush at about 46% opacity and smooth out her skin, hair and teeth until they have a plastic look to them

But if u use Ps CS ver u can do it by apply Filter >> Blur >> Smart blur
and make the parameters Radius =38 ,Threshold=25 and Medium for Quality

Step2: Now draw some oval shapes in the darker skin tones and place them on her joints…look at the angles of her joints to help you with the placing. Just keep adjusting them until they look right. Notice that I have some darker ovals and some lighter ovals…the lighter ovals are placed where I thought more light would fall.

Note>>u can draw these oval shape by Elliptical marquee tool (M) and use the two colour #b7684a for dark area and #c08572 for lighter one
Step3: Where you only have one oval on a joint, eg, the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists, you have to copy and paste these joints from your background over the top of your ovals and then erase as much as is needed until it looks as though there is a gap between the joint and the oval.
Now >> with the Eraser tool(E) erase the parts of the oval shapes that u do not need them use the Pic. below as aguide for u
Then >>again with the eraser tool and select the women original layer and with
Clone Stamp Tool(S) and set sample=current and below and start to get ride of some of the body in neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists as appear as there are spaces bet. joints

Step4: After cloning, this is how your joints should look.
Now using your pen tool(P), draw in the lines that hold the joints together. I added a shadow to the knee lines for more effect u can do it with the brush

Step5: Here you need to blacken her mouth and move her chin and lower lip down to give the full puppet effect. I also drew in two faint brown lines to define her chin/jaw more.

Step6: Next I airbrushed a lighter skin tone onto all of her body and gaussian blurred it until it looked right (you will have to play with this until you are satisfied with your result). I also added highlights to her hair in the same way. This gave Charlize more of the plastic puppet look that I was looking for.
Now draw in the dots/holes where you would like to attach the strings.

Final image

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