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Suspended Text Effect


By: Photoshop Star

Final image Review

1. create a new document, 1000×500 pixels, black background.

2. select Horizontal Type Tool and write your text- note the font used is "Verdana"

3. create a new layer, after that activate the Gradient Tool and a White to Transparent gradient, fill in the work area as on picture below.

4.create a selection of the layer contents for out text (you can press Ctrl and click the Layer Thumbnail in the Layers Palette to make this selection). Now, go to gradient layer and press Ctrl+J to create a copy of the gradient in the shape of the text

5. After that you can delete the text layer. Then using Rectangular Marquee Tool select and cut every letter to the separate layer but only type one letter per layer.

6. Create a new layer above all your letters. Create a selection of your first letter and fill in that selection with your selected color on the new layer. Set this layers Blending Mode to Screen.
Repeat this process for the remaining letters using different colors for each letter.
For letter ‘S’ use color of #ff0000;
‘U’ – #ff7e00;
‘S’ – #fffc00;
‘P’ – #a2ff00;
‘E’ – #06ec00;
‘N’ – #00d8ff;
‘D’ – #004eff;
‘E’ – #7200ff;
‘D’ – #f000ff.
You’d now have this:

7. Merge all of your white gradient letters and merge all of your colors into one layer. You should now have two layers - one with the plain gradient letters, the other with the colors for the letters. Then set up opacity to 60% and press Ctrl+J to duplicate each of two text layers. After that apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with 5.0 pixels

8. Merge all of text layers into one layer and using Rectangular Marquee Tool select and cut every letter to the separate layer but only type one letter per layer again.

9. create new layer. Using Rectangular Marquee Tool create a Rectangular as shown and fill it with color of #e5ffff.

10. Then apply Edit > Transform > Warp . Then choose Arc. Now apply Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical

11. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer, then press Ctrl+F to apply Gaussian Blur Filter.

12. For the effect suspended in the air rotate (you can rotate the letters by using Edit > Free Transform) and move your letters as on picture below. Put all the letters above the layers with rope.

13. Go to lower layer with rope and use Select > Load Selection. After that go to each of layers with letters and cut away parts of letters by using Eraser Tool to receive image as below:

14. now you can change the Background color and add effects

The End


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